Since several NFT marketplaces, notably Looks Rare and Magic Eden, have made paying royalties to artists optional, royalties have increased in the digital art market Business News

Contents LOOKSRARE VS OPENSEA Rare Skin Cancers Another look at rare earth elements in shales What Does Skin Cancer Look Like? What is LooksRare and How to Claim Your $LOOKS Tokens LooksRare collects a sales fee of 2% on all NFT sales except for private sales. All WETH collected from the sales fees are then […]

OpenSea Clone Script Instant Solution To Create NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea by Cathrine S Geek Culture Jan, 2023

Contents How to create NFTs on OpenSea? Why Should You Start an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea? Giant NFT marketplace OpenSea lays off about 20 percent of its staff Free Personal Task Board Apps for Individuals to Visualize To-Do Lists Should You Use Opensea? The company cited that same mass email about the migration process as […]